Dear customers,

XTC2Tool version 1.06:

- Desire X/SV/C/V/U/200/300/500/600/One V/etc IMEI/IMEI2 repair support (XTC2Clip exclusive and World First!) [Manual: [وحدهم المديرون لديهم صلاحيات معاينة هذا الرابط] ]
- Added support to repair IMEI 2 on dual-SIM legacy phones
- Added read option for IMEI 2 for legacy phones
- Added option to modify MCC-MNC code for sim-lock function:
* 2 digits MNC support
* 3 digits MNC support
- Added restart bootloader option for direct mode if sd is not detected
- IMEI / IMEI2 readed from the phone are now links to easily add them into offile simlock config
- Autoclick SPRD/QSC IMEI option if corresponding phone is detected
- SD editor tab is now less confusive
- Autoscroll terminal window (per customers request)
- Added description for security types in Direct mode and SD editor tabs (per customers request)

Please make sure to download latest drivers from our support page:

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Direct download:

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