Here are some latest released updates for RIFF Box:

Usual RIFF DLL-s :

  • Samsung i847
  • Samsung S7390
  • Nokia Lumia 625
  • Samsung i547
  • HTC HTL22
  • Gygabite Rio R1
  • Gygabite G1342
  • Qualcomm MDM8200 NAND
  • ZTE T40

Custom PKG-s

  • Motorola MB886 riffpkg (Updated with pinout and more zones)
  • HTC One Max riffpkg.
  • Samsung i9192 MK4 Total Repair (Use it to repair baseband)
  • HTC One SV PL801000 by Babak Nuri, (Upated, check bellow)
  • Samsung S6310N Total Repair
  • HTC 8S PM5910001 Total Repair
  • Samsung S6310 Total Repair
  • Samsung S6312 Total Repair (By Progman)
  • HTC Merge (HTC Lexicon)
  • Casio G'Zone CA201L
  • Sony XPeria T (LT30A)
  • Brava Vega 3
  • Sony (SE) Xperia Z C6602 by Babak Nuri
  • HTC OneSV PL80110
  • Samsung S5283
  • Andromax U i6c Read/Write PKG
  • LG SU640
  • HTC OneM7 U PN071200
  • Qualcomm MSM8625 eMMC /Generic/

RIFF JTAG Manager v1.56 is required to use these updates.